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Access Control Solutions

At Champion Lock Service, we understand your need to safeguard your personnel, documents, and sensitive information, as well as controlling entry into restricted areas. Electronic access control can provide you with the answers to your security needs.                        

With today's modern technology,

access control locks can give a user many features such as:

• Multiple User Codes

• Remote Release/Unlocking

• Audit Trails

• User definable operation and lockout periods

• Scalable and upgradeable hardware options

• Network and IP based perimeter and interior security

• Location programmable hardware

vs. Centralized programming capabilities

Custom Security, Designed For Your Needs

If you are having trouble with an existing access control lock or system, give us a call.  We can troubleshoot and repair or replace the needed components and get you back in service.

Expert trouble shooting & service

Some of the access control

solutions we offer include:

• Battery powered and Standalone locks

• Biometric Access

• Electric strike installation,

  repair, and service

Electromechanical locks

• Magnetic lock installation,

  repair, and service

We can survey your location and recommend the proper access control hardware for your specific needs. There are many different options to choose from, so let our expertise guide you to make the right decision for your security.


• Network Access Control

• Push Button Keypads

• Wireless Entry

• Magnetic Locks

• Electric Strikes

• Card Readers

• Standalone Keyless Entry

• Key Switches

• Biometric Devices

• Intercom/Annunciation Systems

Some of the Commercial Keyless Entry Systems & Access Control Hardware

we install and service include:

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