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When Should You Call A Locksmith?

When you think of a locksmith service, you likely think of being locked out of your home unexpectedly. Perhaps you've lost your key or you've stepped outside quickly and the door has locked behind you. A locksmith can definitely help in these situations, but there are several other situations that you may find yourself in when the services of a locksmith are required.

Moving Into A New Home

When you move, you shouldn't assume the keys you collect from the estate agent or landlord are the only copies. Previous owners or tenants could have copies of the keys to your home, and anyone who's had access to the property to carry out work could have made a copy of the key. Give yourself peace of mind and boost the security of your home by having your locks changed as soon as you move in. If you're a tenant, landlords are usually OK with you doing this if you get permission first and provide them or the letting agency with a copy of the key.

Damaged Locks

Locks can wear out with age or sustain damage when children stuff toys into them or frequently pull on the door handle. If you find your lock is sticking or there are any signs of damage, don't wait until the lock fails and you find yourself either locked in or locked out. Have a locksmith come and replace the damaged lock, and while they're there, utilise their experience and ask what type of lock would provide the best level of security rather than simply replacing it like-for-like.

Single-Key Access

Some properties have different keys for each access door, so you need to carry several keys around with you. This can be frustrating, but it can also be confusing for elderly people with cognitive decline or teenagers who are just starting to carry keys and let themselves in after school. A locksmith can change the locks in your home to provide single-key access, which means there's no more standing in the rain trying to remember which key in your set unlocks the front door.

Forgotten Access Codes

Properties with electronic access systems bypass the need to carry a key, but with so many passwords and pin numbers to remember these days, it's not uncommon to forget the code for unlocking your door. If you forget the code for your door, it's not usually a big deal, thankfully. A locksmith can reset your entry keypad and you can select a new access code.

These are just a few examples of when a locksmith can help. If you are experiencing any issues with your door locks, or if you have concerns about the security of your access doors, contact your local locksmith for advice.